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The APlot project meets in development phase. Of moment already it incorporates some functionalities. This program can give has supported the commercial machines and homemade. In the case to use commercial machines, it will have eventually that to use proper driver. If driver still will not be developed, asks for the interested users to it, who create documentation concerning the machines in question and that they publish for a possible development.


The developed functionalities are the following ones:
- Impression and simulation of vectorial contents hpgl.
- Impression line you line of images Raster tiff.
- Creation, opening and rescue of filing-cabinets apl (optimized filing-cabinets and writings for the language machine aplot).
- direct Control of I/O for 4 engines of fases(5 wires).
- Control of 3 axles, X, Y, Z.
The functionalities to develop are the following ones:
- Modification of contents in real time through simulation, such as properties of lines, color, size, depth.
- Support the vectorial objects hpgl 2, and others to define.
- Support 5 axles X, Y, Z, W.
- Develop drivers to commercial machines.
The main objective is developer functionalities.

Summarizing the functioning of the system:

Aplot program is as a common program of design, properties of vectorial contents are optimizam and only modified.
After this aplot they program sends the data saw net for aplot daemon that it runs to the foot of schemes and this develops the creation process.
We can compare the system aplot with a network printer and the its software of impression, instead of printing leves, creates objects.

APlot system is considered a program of numerical control (CNC/CAM/EMC).
Developers for project Accept. Click here for more details.

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